One winter morning in 2014 I walked through Yamashita Park in Yokohama, Japan.
I saw older folks in their 60s and 70s before they undertook the task of sketching and painting.
A man sat down and with furious strokes sketched Tokyo Bay.
This man avoided the exercises and must have left his easel at home.
The artist continued with feverish intensity with his painting.
This artist approached her art with more warmth and affection.
The girl with the red shoes watched the artists with a bemused expression.
I wondered whether the artists could capture the richness of the flowers.
Or whether they could understand the edginess of the ship moored permanently to a pier for visitors bent on a museum tour.
The pigeon cared little about the fiery flowers in its search for morsels of food.
This artist took up residence under an umbrella with a view of the fountain.
The woman the artist was capturing on canvass.
This artist feared the sun rays with abnormal intensity.
Middle School students scratch out images of the moored ship.
A young student intent on chatting up a young girl.
The Girl Scouts promised to remain faithful and trustworthy.
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