By nature I am timid. When I was a little boy I stood by the gate that divided the outside world from my secure realm of my home. I was fascinated by what I saw, but I was fearful of pushing open the gate and stepping out into the neighborhood. Even today at age 74 I hesitate to push open that gate, but I have and one of the first discoveries I made just steps away was the Taikokopira Shinto Shrine. 

Curiosity overwhelmed me. I climbed up the steps.
I saw the image of the god inside the wooden structure.
Next to the altar I saw the tengu staring at me with mischievous eyes.
In the background the sound of water falling over rocks soothed my weary spirit.
I saw a smaller wooden altar. The words indicated to visitors they could leave monetary offerings there.
The carp in the pond also sought offerings of another sort.
I spied a cave.
Inside, an image of a Buddhist saint sat hungrily in front of a spread of food and drink on a stone table. I was tempted to partake myself, but I refrained and backed out of the cave.
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