Everything appeared weird on the day I met George at the Peace Flower Market for lunch.
George told me about his dream. He was floating above the ground until he came to a clearing in the mist.
An obelisk appeared in his dream, replacing the bridge. Tiny flakes of reality drifted downward from an opened window from atop the obelisk.
A flake landed on George's outstretched hand. He squinted his eyes to make out the image. But he couldn't fathom clearly what the image was telling him.
Finally, the image came into focus. But dried grass? And sea water? What did it all mean?
Another flake. But nothing made sense.
A gangplank connecting ship to shore. The gangplank, of course. But what did it connect to in his life?
He walked through a forest and came across a wise old tree trunk. He peered into the eye of the trunk, but he could not learn anything from the tree. He moved on.
"Find the meanings of your dream, George?"  He looked with searching eyes into the eyes of the woman on the billboard. "Not yet. I must keep looking for meaning in my life.
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