Monochrome photos always fascinated me. But I hesitated to use the monochrome feature of my camera. Using that function forces me to spend more time evaluating the light, the shadows, the background/foreground, and other factors I would rely on my digital camera when snapping shots in color.
But one Sunday, I took the bull by the horns. I switched the camera mode to Manual and explored the world of monochrome photography.
I had enough of the cemetery and walked to the park. I spotted a statue of a woman basking in the sunlight. I couldn't resist. A chance to work with light and shadows.
The plants and trees in the park diverted my attention from the nude woman on a pedestal. What hidden mysteries could I unearth by closeups? I spent more time examining the plant and the tree before my finger pressed down on the shutter button.

Tree leaves protecting camera lens from raindrops.

Sunlight lounging on cactus leaves.

Tree branches in a choreographed dance movement.

Trees standing in prominence in the foreground. In the background? Nothing of significance.

Adding color to the grays and shadows.

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