The sun shone far too brightly for me to remain indoors. I picked up my camera and hiked up to one of my favorite parks in Yokohama. 港が見える公園、The Harbor View Park.
The sight of the bridge was iconic, but as usual, I needed to add atmospheric touches. Why? Call it a compulsion.
I observed a woman walking deep in thought. The flowers and shrubs appear drab and unappealing to her. Something is bothering her. But what?
If only she would open her eyes and look at the blossoms resplendent with color. Her thoughts would turn to happier-go-lucky little girl memories. A visit to fantasy land, for instance.
She would see gardeners pulling weeds from among the fluorescent plants.
Maybe she had an argument with her significant other, as so often happens with couples.
Or maybe she has a deep-seated problem caused by a trauma in her past?
I followed her into the clinic where people with troubled minds go. The nurse called her name. She entered the psychiatrist's office.  I managed to catch a peek inside before the door shut behind her.
The doctor was jotting down notes. Before I could eavesdrop on the session, the nurse accosted me. "Do you need help?"
I dashed out of the clinic, embarrassed. Why was I following a woman I didn't know? I had enough problems on my own plate. That night I drank a bottle of wine and fell into a deep sleep.
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