Ah, the Buddhist Priest holding out hope forĀ  a brighter future.
A happy smile from a man wearing a pin cushion hat. Sunshine in his face and sunshine in his whole being.
A selfie of a man who feels the effects of the radiating joy from the man in the pin cushion hat.
Here's a young woman looking with confidence toward the new normal after the end of the pandemic.
But not everyone is calm. They stand in front of drugstores, clinics, and hospitals demanding freedom from the virus.
Since this pandemic has seeped into my life, I've been having strange dreams. Look at this dilapidated old house. Why is it festooned with colorful circles?
Then I dreamed about a red car entangled in the tentacles of old memories.
Is this an harbinger of what my grandchildren will face?

Nothing in nature seems to calm me. The trees appear distant and cold. Get away, the trees seem to cry out.
Oh, God, please let not the darkness consume us all.
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