I often exercise in this park. One rainy day I spied a tree denuded of branches and leaves. It appeared cold and a little embarrassed -- like a man whose trousers without warning dropped down to his ankles.

I had spent nearly two hours inside the Yokohama Chuo Library doing research on Yokohama Prison. I needed to get my mind off prison conditions, so I walked across the street and took a walk in Noge Park. The resplendent reds of the Maple trees freed my mind from the prison cells in which eight prisoners share space while serving out their sentences. 

The calmness of the pond contrasted the riot reds of the trees. The defiant final gasps of leaves before the winter weather forces  them to drop to the ground.

Ah, the signs of change in Japan. A father is looking after his child. I watched as he attempted to coax the child to look up and into the direction of the iPhone. The child was distracted by the red leaves. 

A man sits on the bench alone with his thoughts. The breeze through the trees failed to distract him.

Flamingoes with eyes closed stood sunning themselves under the sun. Odd, some of my friends go through life with their eyes closed.

One Flamingo stretched its wings. But where was it going to fly to? The cage hemmed it firmly inside.

Here's a poor fellow in search of a friend. Personally, I'd rather not eat leaves from trees. Now if he drank a few brews, I'd might consider sharing a room with him.

Oh, oh. It looks as if he took me seriously. Oh, well. I'll have to rearrange my apartment to make room for him.

From Noge Zoo to the park at the top of  the hill, I came across the bust of Henry Spenser Palmer. Thanks to him, I am able to shower in the morning and make my morning coffee. Why? Look up his information on the internet!

Egads! Another Olympics is on the horizon in Japan. I'm old enough to remember watching the 1964 Olympics in Japan on TV.  

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