Social distancing. Cooped up in my apartment. Walls closing in on me. At night I had to get out.
Walked down street. No one around. Not a living soul.
On the main thoroughfare, a solitary pedestrian. We pass by ignoring each other's existence. Fearful of contamination.
The misty night casts a spectral mist.
Tulips close their pedals against the night breezes blowing contaminating viruses.
A cluster of tulips became entangled in the brambles of fear mongering.
Other tulips mourn the demise of a neighbor.
I stop into a market and discover everything drained of color.
Back home in bed, I dream of vague horrors.
The following morning, sun rays pour through my bedroom window. I look outside and spy a bird peeping over a branch.
Ah, another day! Optimism returns to the flowers.
Tulips awaken filled with renewed hope of living yet another day.
And people begin patching together pieces of their daily lives.
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