Stuck indoors because of the voluntary stay-at-home request of the government, I grew tired of staring out the window. I decided to venture outside and walk without a particular destination.
I passed by the Buddhist temple graveyard and saw the buckets the survivors in life use to wash the gravestones of loved ones who had passed on to the next level of existence.
The Bodhisattva worn by time contemplates the eternal NOW.
Flowers in a glass provided me with a cheerful reminder of nature's gift of rebirth.
Away from the temple and into the Yokohama Station Shopping area. Brightly lit shelves nearly blinded me with their sunny dispositions.
The murals on the walls capture glimpses of daily life.
The suits and neckties remind me of younger, more energetic days when I sought to establish myself as a man of importance.
Now here is a man who has left his cares behind him for a brief few moments of sleep under the sun.
Push the button and get ready to laugh. It's going to be another great day in your life.
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