I have been working out in a Kenzai Program called Sculpt. https://www.kenzai.com/
Part of the program includes a cardio workout. The younger and stronger members jump robe. The older and more brittle members such as I opt for speed walking or other options. I walk around the neighborhood everyday and every day I see something different. Far more satisfactory than staring at a TV while running on a treadmill in a sports club.

Frequently, I encounter teachers chasing after their Nursery School boys and girls along the Flower Walk near my apartment. Yokohama's mayor has promoted day care centers in order to attract working parents to settle in the city.

I could devote an entire blog to the flowers I see on both sides. Volunteer gardeners contribute their time and efforts to weeding and caring for the plants.

On this particular day I walked to Kodosan Temple. https://kodosan.or.jp On the way up to the temple grounds there was a four panel layout about the foundation of the temple.

I was surprised to see how clean and well-kept the temple grounds were. There was no 'umbrella' of dust covering the top of the temple bell. 

Ah, the Buddha House built in 1945. 

I was transfixed by the Lotus Flower. Vibrant and colorful. So filled with with Buddhist culture and of folklore.

A path I followed around the temple grounds. 

On the way around the grounds I saw another side of  Buddha's House.

I came across a tombstone but could not decipher the Japanese to learn whose ashes were interred  here.

The main temple area. I made a note to return to explore the interior. 

The mausoleum where the founders of this particular temple are interred. The men and women in white keep the building and grounds clean. No wonder the temple bell had no 'umbrella.'

I was more impressed by the clouds than by the brightly colored shrine 

Can you imagine accepting water from a dragon? I ventured and washed my hands before praying in front of the shrine.

This rock reminded me of a dream I had in which a rock spoke to me. But I could not understand a word it said.

Now I have some Japanese I can work on to translate during my Japanese language lessons.

Hmm. I don't think I will sit down for a rest here. I'll just push on home.

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